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        Master alloy: Master alloy is an additive functional material which can improve the performance of titanium alloy. It based on a kind of metal. One or several simple substances are added into it to solve the problems such as easy burning loss, high melting point, high density and easy segregation. Master alloy not only have the characteristics of improving alloying conditions, improving composition uniformity of alloys, overcoming segregation and impurities of refractory metals and reducing metal burning loss rate, but also have the remarkable characteristics of improving mechanical properties of alloys and forming alloys with better metal properties. It is widely used as the additive of titanium and special steel.

        Master alloy products: V-Al alloy, Al -Mo-Si alloy, V-Al-Fe alloy, Fe-Al-V-Mo alloy, Ti-Fe alloy, Ti-Mo alloy, Al-Si alloy, Al-Sn alloy, Ti-Sn alloy etc.

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